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Slip Rings - Standard & Custom | JARCH

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What is a Slip Rings?

A slip ring is an electromechanical device. Power and electrical signals can transmitt from a fixed structure to a rotating structure.

Slip rings can be used where unlimited is required. Any electromechanical system that rotates or while transmitting power and / or data. It can improve mechanical performance and simplify system operation. It also eliminates the metal wires that hang from the movable joint.

What is a Slip Ring?

Introduction to Slip Rings Video:

Want to learn more about JARCH slip rings? With over 10 years of experience, our Business Development Specialist will introduce you to the basics of slip rings. And how they are designed and manufactured. You will learn about the internal workings that allow for the transmission of power and data as well as learn about the assembly itself. We cover the different sizes of slip rings that are used in sensors, inertial navigation platforms and wind turbines. 

Slip Ring Assemblies:

JARCH industrial slip rings provide a solution for transmitting power. In all types of machines!

For example, in rotary cranes and cable trays, electrical signals from the fixed unit to the rotary unit.

Because we have fully developed and widely used standard procedures. So we assemble slip ring assemblies with any number of poles. Rated current up to 1200 A and voltage up to 24 kV. Slip ring assemblies range in size from 30 mm to 360 mm diameter. And arranged into 100 poles.

Slip ring assemblies are available in open, "non-closed" versions. To meet special customer needs. Or completely enclosed by a high impact plastic or galvanized steel enclosure. This is true even in hazardous locations. More swivel joints can be used for fluids or gases. And can integrate optical fiber swivel.

Slip Ring Assemblies

slip rings Q&A:

Q: How do slip rings work?

A: The function of a slip ring is simple: providing an electrical connection for a rotating assembly. This allows electricity or data to flow through a rotating interface. For example, if you need to power lights on a helicopter blade. How will you get the cords from the base of the helicopter to the blades? You can’t install wires through the center of the axle and then through the blades, otherwise the wires would twist until they broke. To do this, you add a slip ring within the axle. Wires are connected between the slip ring and the power source and then between the slip ring and the lights.

Q: Why do we use slip rings in motors?

A: Electric motors in electrical engineering are machines used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric motors use windings to combine their magnetic field. And current to generate force through a rotating shaft.

According to the power supply, structural design, use and output movement type. There are different types of motors. The most common types are squirrel cage motors and slip ring motors.

Slip rings are electromechanical devices in the form of joints. It is used for electrical signals in fixed components. Transmission of power or data and rotation.

The reason why slip rings are used in motors is to insert resistance in the rotor windings. Loops control circuits in digital and analog systems.

Q: What is difference between commutator and slip rings?

A: Contrary to other definitions given here. Slip rings are continuous rings. It is designed to maintain continuous contact between the fixed brush contacts. And the ring contacts on the shaft of the rotating object. This provides continuous power to objects on the rotating axis.

Instead, the commutator has a ring! There are at least two interrupts. Each pair of opposite result contacts is connected to the opposite pole of the motor. In this case, the effect is to synchronize the pole reversal with the rotation of the motor-the alternating magnetic field is what they call a commutating magnetic field. Thus, this causes the magnetic poles of the windings to reverse polarity and rotate the motor.

Q: Which device uses slip rings?

A: In short, the slip ring is used for continuous conduction. and the commutator is used for synchronous reversal of the line.

It should also be noted that slip rings can be used for signals other than power. For example, for a rotating object (for example, a bobbin or a motor armature). the sensor signal of a sensor that needs to be recorded on a fixed platform. You will not use a commutator for this.

Slip rings are used in an AC Generator. They are installed in generator to improve mechanical performance.

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